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A page dedicate to Dil!

     He's cute.  He's sweet.  He's troublesome.  He's the littlest Rugrat.  He's Dil Pickles! 
     Dil is the newest member of the Rugrats group.  He's just a few months old, but he's managed to annoy Phil and Lil, exasperate Angelica, confuse Chuckie, and become the new baby brother of Tommy!  However, over time, Dil has managed to become all (well, almost all!) of the Rugrats friends.  Now that Dil's been introduced to the Rugrats, they'll never be the same without him! 
     Welcome to The Littlest Rugrat!  This is my third Rugrats page.  This site was created to pay a tribute to the adorable Dil Pickles!  To visit my other sites, Rugrats Rule and Those Adorable Twins just click their names.  Enjoy The Littlest Rugrat!   

Isn't Dil sweet?

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Dil is soooo sweet!

Please remember that I have no connection with Nickelodeon or Klasky Cuspo whatsoever.   I'm just another Rugrats fan, like you.  All of the titles, logos, and characters on this page are trademarks of Viacom.