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Take this quick quiz  to find out how much you know about Dil!

Dil Quiz

1) What was Dil's very first word?
a. Yucky
b. Mine
c. Nanners


2) Dil is _____'s baby brother.
a. Tommy
b. Angelica
c. Chuckie


3) What is Dil's favorite flavor of baby food?
a. Carrots
b. Peas
c. Bananas


4) In the movie, Dil stole Angelica's
a. Cynthia doll
b. cat Fluffy
c. shoe

Cynthia Doll

5) Dil was born on what date?
a. August 15, 1998
b. November 20, 1998
c. May 30, 1712

November 20, 1998

Isn't he cute???

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Dil is soooo sweet!

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