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Here are some of Dil's favorite Rugrats links!  Enjoy!:)

Giada's Rugrats Rule
My other Rugrats site.  Filled with games, quizzes, crafts and lots more!

Those Adorable Twins
Another one of my sites.  Those Adorable Twins is a site dedicated to Phil and Lil! 

Bananas About Dil
This Dil site has LOTS of fun stuff to do related to Dil. 

Unofficial Dylan Pickles Page
A site dedicated completely to Dil Pickles!!

The Unofficial Rugrats Online
Packed with fun, useful, and unusual rugrats info. 

Sarah's Rugrats Pages
A great site filled with games and more!  Check out her character tribute pages. 

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Dil is soooo sweet!

Please remember that I have no connection with Nickelodeon or Klasky Cuspo whatsoever.   I'm just another Rugrats fan, like you.  All of the titles, logos, and characters on this page are trademarks of Viacom.